Los Altos Nature Reserve

Los Altos encompasses a 10 manzana (20 acre) estate preserve. This is a process we began in 2007. After an initial cleaning of the land we've enlisted agricultural specialists to implement a long range plan to eliminate undesirable plants, encourage healthy growth of what remains and reforest with indigenous hardwood species and other plants and trees. In the future this will enrich the land and attract animals, birds and more to create a healthy reserve. Our goal is to create trails and such for hiking, bird watching and a truly natural experience.

At Los Altos, we believe in responsible development. By creating a nature reserve we are fulfilling our mission in sustainable development. We believe that eco-friendly also means economical with the resources of water and electricity at a premium in these locations. We've incorporated solar and water collection systems to supplement the regular sources.

Our guests can enjoy nature walks through rolling hills and take in the scenic vistas that abound. Wildlife such as howler monkeys, flocks of chocoyos (green parrots) and more can be seen and heard here.

Committed to preserving nature

Casa Los Altos ~ San Juan del Sur ~ Nicaragua ~ Central America